Giving Back

At Creekside Cutting Boards we are passionate about more than just making an excellent product. As a family owned and operated business we seek to make a difference through our work, especially for those who are victims of injustice.

A percentage of each cutting board we sell goes to support human rights agency International Justice Mission (IJM) to make freedom possible for children and families waiting for help. The funds raised will support IJM’s efforts to bring freedom to families held in slavery, children forced into prostitution and others trapped in violent injustice around the world.

Every day, IJM works with local governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to:
• Rescue people out of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violent injustice
• Help survivors heal through aftercare and counseling
• Hold criminals accountable in local courts, and
• Help communities fix the problem for good—so no one else becomes a victim

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Your purchase of a genuine Creekside Cutting Board helps make a difference for someone in need, and we greatly appreciate your support.